Ballett Schaffhausen  
Classical Ballet lessons for Children,
Teens and Adults  with Ariadne Brill 
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”
Martha Graham
Beyond the beauty of ballet lies opportunity for expression, discovery and awareness. 
Ballet requires quick thinking, precision and concentration. 
Ballet can be beautiful, hard work and also incredibly rewarding. 
 Ballet teaches balance, coordination, agility, artistry and patience.   
Ballet for Children
From ages 3 and up 

In every ballet class for children the fundamentals of dance are explored in a caring, nurturing environment.  

 Special attention is given to the well-being of the child and to preserve the natural joy of movement.

In Schaffhausen I currently teach ballet classses for children, teens and adults. Please check the class schedule for time and location details.  

  • Pre-Ballet starting at age 3 up

  • Ballet for children age 6 up

  • Ballet for children ages 10up

  • Ballet for teens ages 13 up 

  • Adults all levels

 In every class and age group we explore emotional expression, ballet technique, rhythm and musicality. 

Every class aims to give children a joyful experience and a sense of capability.  Each child is encouraged to develop at their own unique pace.

Ballet classes are primarily taught in German however I speak English, Italian and Portuguese as well. I am happy to provide any additional language support during lessons your child may need. 

About Me
Ariadne (Annie) Brill
 After watching the Nutcracker Ballet at age three I just knew that ballet had to be part of my life forever.  To realize that childhood dream  I trained from an early age classical ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz and modern dance.   I completed exams with the Royal Academy of Dance with Honors and went on to study dance performance and theater at University.   After performing professionally I dedicated time to raising three children and furthering my education.  
 I completed a Masters of Science in Psychology with emphasis on child development and family counseling.     

Feedback from Parents and Students
“My daughter leaves every class even more excited about ballet. “

“My son has ADHD and creative dance classes have helped more than I ever thought possible. Ariadne’s special way of encouraging and engaging children is simply amazing.”

“My grandson counts the days until it’s creative dance class day. Ariadne has helped him find such joy and confidence in the way he dances.”

“My daughter loves pre-ballet classes. The games and the songs are so creative and fun. Plus she is learning to dance so beautifully.”